What to Expect

The Full Spectrum CannaDoula™ Training is for the philomath in all of us. The lover of knowledge and the collector of skills. With a growing value in society of reproductive health knowledge and competent cannabis advocacy, CannaDoula LLC is filling a gap, bridging two worlds and improving support outcomes for patients and professionals.

  • Webinar | Course Work | Community Learning

    Created for every type of learner, the Full Spectrum CannaDoula™ Training is interactive and diverse, offering more than 25+ modules, coursebook reflection prompts and community engagement sessions. Your educational experience and the importance of maintaining consumable information is a top priority.

  • In-Depth Lectures

    The importance of peer-reviewed, evidence-based evidence is, at times, equally as important as strong anecdotal evidence in the re-establishing of body autonomy and advocacy. Lectures, discussions, and projects reflect the high expectations that need to be met when training as a Full-Spectrum CannaDoula™ as well as a CannaDoula Trained Advocate™.

  • Exacting Specific Change, for Specific Populations

    Regardless of gender, class, culture, country or community, stigma laced discrimination plagues 49% of the global population regarding cannabis use. Training to meet their specific needs regarding reproductive health and competent cannabis education is necessary as we embark on what Cannadoula LLC calls the "new frontier in body autonomy and agency".

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  • Drip Content

    The entire course is presented in a drip format to make sure we are all learning at the same pace. This allows for group study options and other collective engagement. This content becomes available Spring 2020*

  • This IS a doula training

    This is a complete doula training, focusing on the anatomy and physiology of reproduction, pregnancy, birth options and the postpartum or "4th trimester".

  • You DON'T need to be a birthworker

    Doulas who come from diverse backgrounds provide doula support to diverse communities.

  • F.A.R.S focused reproductive education

    The female-assigned reproductive system is centered on this training course. This system is often misunderstood so a complete breakdown of part and function is discussed in several modules, not usually done in traditional doula training.

  • Cannabis Focused

    In addition to in-depth traditional doula education, the second portion of the training focuses on the endocannabinoid system, cross-referencing what has been established in previous modules. Students will also learn how the introduction of phytocannabinoids or cannabis influences reproductive health.

  • Actionable community assignments

    Part of this training course involves us leaving the safety of our screens and engaging with our communities. While some may not have thriving cannabis or "birth" communities, your presence is a tentpole for the community you wish to serve. Students will be required to complete actionable community assignments to acclimate them to the work of cannabis and reproductive advocacy.

  • You WILL become a Full-Spectrum CannaDoula

    Remember that numerous training offer certifications. They are valuable professional tools that represent continued education. Certifications are documentation of completion. A certified Full-Spectrum CannaDoula has completed all compulsory assignments and modules and exhibits a passion for advocacy and education.


Comparable doula and advocacy trainings This 25+ module course begins April 2020.

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Capitalist ventures are difficult to trust, I know. We want our money to do the most good for the largest amount of people possible. You can be assured that your investment is immediately redistributed to strengthen the longevity of this course series and subsequent workshops, e-books and other educational tools. This course series and any potential partnerships with organizations and/or industry leaders depends on not only the social support of a cause or idea, but the financial backing of passionate investors. Know that your Pre-enrollment signals that you share passion for the purpose of this academy.

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