Have you wondered about Full-Spectrum Doula work?

Confused on where to start?

Deciding to become a doula can be daunting... Can you define a  full-spectrum doula?  How will you find clients? Will you charge for services? 

"Doula Your Way" is the ultimate downloadable workbook for the aspiring full-spectrum doula, featuring journal prompts specifically written with you in mind

 By reading and implementing the steps outlined in this book, you will:

  • Organize your peer-support skills
  •  Create a clear pathway to your full-spectrum doula work 
  • Define your unique "doula-self"
  • Direct Download

    This e-book is offered as an immediate download PDF allowing you to read, take notes and revisit at your leisure.

  • Easy-To-Read

    Designed with accessibility in mind, this short e-book features a neurodivergent-friendly script and font size. You can also choose to purchase the companion training at checkout!

What kind of d full-spectrum doula am I?...

Many embark on the journey into doula support with only the care-specific knowledge of our first training programs. But what if those trainings didn't prepare you for your true doula-self?

Download E-Book

Journaling with specific prompts geared towards care providers, peer-support specialist and advocates, Doula Your Way provides a mindful approach to deeper self-knowledge.

  • Evoke Mindfulness

    Lean into your powers of empathy

  • Attain Goals

    Compete only with yourself

  • Unlock Your Hidden Potential

    Actualize your expertise

Digital Download