Have you wondered about doula work?

Confused on where to start?

Deciding to become a doula can be daunting... Are you even a doula?  How will you find clients? Will you charge for services? 

Doula Your Way is the ultimate downloadable workbook for the aspiring doula, featuring journal prompts specifically written with you in mind

 By reading and implementing the steps outlined in this book, you will:

  • Organize your peer-support skills
  •  Create a clear pathway to your doula work 
  • Define your unique doula-self
  • Direct Download

    This e-book is offered as an immediate download PDF allowing you to read, take notes and revisit at your leisure.

  • Easy-To-Read

    Designed with accessibility in mind, this short e-book features a neurodivergent-friendly script and font size. You can also choose to purchase the companion training at checkout!

What kind of doula am I?...

Many embark on the journey of doula support with only the care-specific knowledge of our first training programs. But what if those trainings didn't prepare you for your true doula-self?

Download E-Book

Journaling with specific prompts geared towards care providers, peer-support specialist and advocates, Doula Your Way provides a mindful approach to deeper self-knowledge.

  • Evoke Mindfulness

    Lean into your powers of empathy

  • Attain Goals

    Compete only with yourself

  • Unlock Your Hidden Potential

    Actualize your expertise

Digital Download